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Let's dance like nobody is watching.

Kiari Kirk (Kiki)

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Saturday Beach Day Choreo - After the Fall - Lonni

Saturday Beach Day Choreo - After the Fall - Lonni

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Saturday Beach Day Choreo - After the Fall - Lonni

Saturday Beach Day Choreo - Her - Jingle

Saturday Beach Day Choreo - Spend it - Ronnie

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My Story

A Natural Dance Instructor

My training began at the age of 15. I joined a competitive Hip Hop team called "Sac All Stars" run by Ms. Tee, and I fell in love. After years of training and competing I found myself helping my coach choreograph. Those sessions were so much fun and I realized that it was something I wanted to do. Dance gave me an outlet to express myself and grow as a person on and off the stage. It provided an avenue for me to travel and share some amazing experiences with some phenomenal people. I found my purpose. To inspire health, love and confidence through the art of dance.

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Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful artistry and creativity. As well as being incredibly patient to teach and re-teach it. 

Your classes have unlocked a part of my soul in the most joyful way. I’m so deeply grateful and can’t wait to nail one of your routines. 

Kristen Shaffer

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